Suzanne's Sweets Rugelach FAQs

Everything you wanted to know about our Rugelach - and more!


What are Rugelach?

Rugelach are simply rolled cookies. However they are anything but simple. Rugelach, which literally means "little twists" in Yiddish, has Jewish Ashkenazic (Polish) origins. In Europe the dough was made with yeast, but American Jews later introduced a cream cheese based rugelach dough. Rugelach dough is rolled around sweet fillings such as chocolate, raisins and nuts, or preserves. Suzanne's Sweets uses only the freshest ingredients and we've put our own little twist on the recipe while remaining true to tradition.

What ingredients are in Rugelach?

Our Rugelach are created from the finest, highest quality, all natural ingredients: unbleached flour, sour cream, unsalted butter, fruit preserves, walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt and chocolates.

Are your Rugelach KOSHER Certified?

Yes, all of Suzanne’s Sweets Rugelach are certified Kosher.

Are there any allergies to Rugelach?

The most common allergens in the Rugelach are: wheat flour, butter and nuts. There are walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts or peanuts in different flavors. All of our Rugelach are processed in a commercial facility that is has nuts on premises. We suggest that if you or the recipient is allergic to any of these ingredients, that you do not eat our Rugelach. As much as we hate to turn away business, we would rather have you safe than sorry.

How long will Rugelach last?

Our Rugelach will stay fresh for 28 days in an unheated area. You may put them in the refrigerator and they will last 7-14 days longer. Freeze them, well wrapped, and they will last up to 6 months. Some people like to eat them straight from the freezer, without thawing.

Where can I buy your Rugelach locally?

Suzanne's Sweets Rugelach is available from many local eateries and cafés in the Westchester, NY and metro areas.
Here's a listing of the most popular spots:
Aroma Coffee Roast, Larchmont, NY
Bedford Gourmet, Bedford, NY
Café Norma, Armonk, NY
Chocolations, Mamaroneck, NY
Church Avenue Poultry, Scarsdale, NY
Coffee Labs Roaster, Tarrytown, NY
Dragon Fly Café, Pleasantville, NY
Holbrook Cottage, Briarcliff Manor, NY
Lola’s Tea House, Pelham, NY
Matt Miller Culinary Productions, Briarcliff Manor, NY
Michaels Gourmet Foods, Scarsdale, NY
Moonbeam Café, Briarcliff Manor, NY
Mount Kisco Seafood, Mt Kisco, NY
Noka Joe’s, Katonah, NY
Ruffled Feather, Scarsdale, NY
Stan’z Café, Larchmont, NY
Stew Leonard's, Yonkers, NY
Tarrytown Gourmet, Tarrytown, NY
Tastefully Yours, Briarcliff Manor, NY
Tazza Café, Armonk, NY
Tazza Café II, Millwood, NY
Tazza Café III, Somers, NY
Village Prime Meats, Armonk, NY
Village Square Bagels, Larchmont, NY

And nationally, through:

Does Suzanne's Sweets do catering and corporate events?

Yes! Delight your guests with trays or baskets of Suzanne’s Sweets Rugelach. Call to discuss additional ideas on what to serve at your next event. Contact us to discuss details.

Can Suzanne's Sweets handle special order requests and package inserts?

Sure we can. If there is a combination of flavors or you'd like a custom order simply contact us. Many of our clients will choose to include their business cards in their gift orders. We can accomodate most requests with enough time to prepare for your needs.

Where can I find ordering and shipping information?

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